Company profile
  Huzhou Aluminum foil processing Factory of Huzhou Jinjie Co.,Ltd. is the leading enterprise and founding enterprise of the Group.It is the designated material supply unit of the Tobacco Companies in Zhejiang Province.It founded in 1987,cumulative ten million RMB investment.
  The company 's main products for the whole foil mounted composites aluminum foil,mainly for high、medium、low grade within all kinds of cigarette packaging;the product is adopting imported composite made of aluminum foil and Science&Technology.
  The company has six production lines and several automatic beat box equipment,and in accordance with industry standards and customer needs,equipped with advanced testing equipment and a qualified professional testing personnel,perfect detection means,full implementation of "2828"quality inspection system,The performance indicators are up to national and industry standards,in the quality of products:long-term no defect&no refund protection.Now,the Aluminum foil processing Factory maximum annual sales income has reached 50000000 RMB ,has been the industry's largest enterprises in Zhejiang Province,and struggle for reaching the higher goals.
Technical equipment
Product classification 【更多】
Product model:金色压延铝箔纸
Product model:红色压延铝箔纸
Hangzhou cigarette factory(Dahongying、LiQun ect.)
Huzhou Aluminum foil processing Factory
ADD:Fukang road 899,Zhili town,Huzhou city,Zhejiang province ,China
Tel: 0086-572-3178612
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