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  Anhui Jinjie Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007, it is a important subordinate enterprise of Zhejiang Huzhou Jinjie Industrial Co., Ltd.The company was formerly known for Huzhou plastic profile factory, created in 1997, we introduced international advanced equipment at the same year, and developed a new type of building drainage with the core layer foam PVC-U pipe, the product was the first case in the industry of Zhejiang Province. 。
  We specialized in production of building drainage with polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes, pipe fittings, PVC spiral silencing pipe, PVC rain drowning pipe,building insulation electrical products such as casing.
  With the development and expansion of the plant, the company's board of directors according to the business investment layout and market development plan, in 2008 the overall relocation of Guangde Anhui Development Zone, and according to market demand developed PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe, PP-R pipe, PE water supply and other new products.In 2012 the company according to the actual needs of PVC pipeline market,created a good team to a new area of HDPE double wall corrugated pipe, which was praised and trusted by the market once produced.
  Anhui JinJie Plastic Co., Ltd. currently has domestic most advanced production lines and matching of injection molding machine, annual production capacity of more than 15000 tons, invested 80 million yuan, annual sales output value of 0.12 billion yuan annually to 12 million yuan in profits and taxes, is the domestic same industry scale enterprises.
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